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GOOD WEAVER」から依頼を受けてデザインした、オリジナルスニーカー。
重要無形文化財でもある久留米絣(かすり)の商品企画・販売をする「GOOD WEAVER」の

The original sneakers are products designed in a project commissioned by “GOOD WEAVER”.
The intention was to create a classic design, which brings out the characteristics of “GOOD WEAVER”,
which is involved in the product planning and marketing of Kurumegasuri,
which is an important intangible cultural property.
A traditional design was created to bring out the characteristics of the fabric.
The expression “doek” is the word of etymological origin for the Japanese expression “zukku” (canvas)
and it is a Dutch word, with the meaning of “fabric”.
“MOONSTAR”, a shoe manufacturer in Kurume City of Fukuoka Prefecture with a history
that spans in excess of 140 years, produces these shoes.
A decision was made to position this brand to be one that places an emphasis on the “continuity”
through the selection of the fabric to product development, performed based on reliable technology.

Client: GOOD WEAVER Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer: MOONSTAR(JAPAN)

Photo: Yoshikazu Shiraki
Web Design: Takanori Kanegae